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underground 3

underground 3
About this album:
After underground 1 & 2 now the third journey through the depths of the loops. There are so many good things to discover here with the loops, I think there will be some underground albums to follow.
Many thanks to all involved musicians and especially to Dick for providing the site and all the work he does with Wikiloops ...Uloisius created by Uloisius on 11/24/2018

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Involved artists:
irlenn Kaipa theCrank TEE-KWA Noj Basster Lenny Cowler Damon77 Ben RickyMadison MajorTom_III Evilvince Willis999 KellsBells Mishteria tullicbr TSRBand jmrukkers Tofzegrit Uloisius AKchen frankyguitar mpointon adu Ernie440 JDF Buran70 rickiloops WHITEPONGO k9 Neca Wikimark Yv Dafunkydrummer AirFlow Dadinator Koldov Mika Tohve Herring K Drumshticks axenvocs ivax katell29

Super Collection!!


Review by TeeGee on 12/13/2018

Ich höre immer gerne deine Alben. Und habe mich gefreut das ich im "Chicken" song mit dabei sein durfte (obwohl ich nicht sicher bin das es Underground ist). Keep on Albumming Ulo :W

Live Underground


Review by ivax on 11/24/2018

another fantastic compilation, thanks Ulo :W

Underground as is the best


Review by frankyguitar on 11/24/2018

Very coole Zusammenstellung von Music die bei allen stilistischen Unterschieden etwas gemeisam hat, sie begeistert! Vielen Dank für die Arbeit die Du Dir gemacht hast und natürlich das ich dabei seien darf :D
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