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meeting in the reggae sector 1

meeting in the reggae sector 1
About this album:
A little trip through the Wiki-reggae-sector, get in and make a round with us ... thank you to all the musicians involved in the album and a big thank you to Dick for everything ;o)Uloisius created by Uloisius on 01/01/2019

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Involved artists:
RobH nofish Baer Dick rastafari irlenn carlaJP SlonMusic CrazYo jamlady MarcioMafi bondjolino mpointon Rmack will_C PaulBOwens akethesnaker Navota Panama Djev Leftdaloops1019 aleonz jimkarol Calle AirFlow Makalta GuitarPlyr LeftTheLoops9-18 Uloisius fark Shi alexj kimbo Mikebanez Fishinmissio seriouss marmotte bassman01

Cool stuff muhn!!


Review by TeeGee on 02/07/2019

who does not like raggae??? :W

More Reggae !


Review by seriouss on 01/03/2019

A very nice compilation Uli.

Glad to be here Ulo :)


Review by GuitarPlyr on 01/01/2019

Thanks to share the meeting in the reggae sector to begin this new year, this great style of music just classed in the world heritage of humanity ! Wish you all the best for da' new year



Review by will_C on 01/01/2019

yeah! :)



Review by Navota on 01/01/2019

Great album with good artists. Reggea always makes me happy. Thank you to put the first jam I put one Wikiloops on your album. I learned a lot thanks to all the members who play here a☺
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