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Historias Jamás Contadas

Historias Jamás Contadas
About this album:
Really continue to thank all those who make it possible to continue day by day, and continue telling musical stories...ivax created by ivax on 05/13/2019

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Involved artists:
Weazle ivax Ernie440 Dafunkydrummer Woodstock MikaBass slonyatko Keeper mrrockero WhiteDrum55 mpointon Rickplayer Stef TheMechanic ALawrence1 fblack Ronflox Fishinmissio wiseshanks GreenDog

fantástico álbum!


Review by fblack on 05/15/2019

Nuevamente gracias por incluirme Xavi, es un honor para mi!

Wonderful music!!


Review by TeeGee on 05/15/2019

Another beautiful album by the Wikiloop master of the melodic guitar :W :W



Review by mrrockero on 05/13/2019

Genial album,me encanto,muy completo,green skinned no la habia escuchado es fantastica,muchas gracias amigo y un honor poder ser participe de este album,grande super xavi

Fantastic Album from a Fantastic Guitarist


Review by ALawrence1 on 05/13/2019

Xavi, my pleasure to join with you on this album. Bravo, my friend!
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