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Fusion Nights 2018 - Vol. 1

Fusion Nights 2018 - Vol. 1
About this album:
It is a great satisfaction to publish an album on Wikiloops because the album is the result of many collaborations and many sleeping hours lost :D

I'd thank all the musicians involved in this album ( expecially Marceys, who's the most involved ) because made this real, everybody who already listened the tracks (and will do it again) and everyone who will listen somehow.

Mirkomagirtiko created by magirtiko on 12/26/2019

Thumbs: 6
Listened: 457 times

Involved artists:
Dafunkydrummer Stef DaDumps magirtiko kimbo Simonymous mpointon Tofzegrit Wade Baer GlezBass Fabricio L Marceys marmotte MrAdamOnDrums WhiteDrum55 Fishinmissio Zamzam Groovinz StJray OliVBee moonchild MajorTom_III NewbieSax

A great collecton of fun tracks.


Review by Wade on 12/28/2019

Showing magirtiko's ability in a number of different styles and adding a dimension of FUN!

Fun, Fun and So Good!!!!


Review by Itocpogo on 08/21/2020

Fun music but also Wonderful playing by all!!!!! Mirko shows his ability to play creatively and lay down all "vibes"!!!!

Fantastic Fusion album


Review by TeeGee on 01/29/2020

Have been listening to it all afternoon, very good quality tracks on this album. Excellent musicianship :Y

Goodness gracious was that me?


Review by DaDumps on 01/13/2020

What Wade said...
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