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詩 - (Shī) Vol. 1

詩 - (Shī) Vol. 1
About this album:
This one is for a very dear friend of mine,
made with the help of other dear friends,
and of course with the help of Wikiloops

Hope you like this compilationwjl created by wjl on 03/24/2020

Thumbs: 6
Listened: 161 times

Involved artists:
LeftTheLoops9-18 Shi Tofzegrit wjl Acousticeg MajorTom_III OliVBee PJE StJray Pewi Dafunkydrummer Marcelo D nilton ARNOSOLO Wade

Grossartige Gesellschaft:)


Review by Pewi on 03/26/2020

Vielen Dank Wolfgang, ich fühle mich sehr geehrt hier dabei sein zu dürfen!!


Review by Shi on 03/25/2020

I am in good company here with so many talented musicians . thank you Wolfgang for this cool collection

Magnificent album


Review by fblack on 03/25/2020

Thank you Wolfgang for sharing this wonderful album.

diversity makes us richer


Review by OliVBee on 03/25/2020

it is an incredible opportunity to share tracks with so many talented individuals ! thanks for the songs and the cool album :)
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