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Melting potes#2

Melting potes#2
About this album:
second album . many thanks to all of the wikiloopers for the long jam nights btrasher created by btrasher on 05/11/2020

Thumbs: 9
Listened: 138 times

Involved artists:
btrasher toba Marceys WhiteDrum55 WhiteBass Dafunkydrummer ivax DirkL moonchild rp3drums Ernie440 metaled Shi GlezBass jamlady ArkRockStudio onorium Mika Tohve JonJon JEF29730 PJE mpointon Major 3rd Cassius 21UR Ezdrummer Zuleikha L Mikebanez fblack
Major 3rd

Super album!!


Review by Major 3rd on 05/11/2020

This is a great album...Every song was fantastic...btrasher has such a gift for finding great melody lines and sounds...great quality and a uniqueness that shines out...great musician and line up of guests...

btrasher en acción Total


Review by ivax on 05/12/2020

Fantastic Album,amigo,Thanks for the fun,Stéphane :W

It's not too late


Review by Cassius on 05/21/2020

Yes man :W ça c'est de l'album. Et en plus on joue avec les mêmes mecs. J'ai l'impression qu'il y a des groupes qui se retrouvent autour de leurs goûts musicaux :O

Fantastic Album


Review by fblack on 05/13/2020

A very funny album to listen to... Stéphane is a great musician!! thank you for joining me!


Review by JEF29730 on 05/12/2020

Oups ! J'ai failli passer à côté 😁 merci Stéphane de m'inclure sur cet album, c'est cool 😁 long live métal 💀✊😁
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