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Barbarian Monkey

Barbarian Monkey
About this album:
5th Album. Always great to share wikiloopers's creativity.
Thanks a lot to all of them.Cassius created by Cassius on 07/02/2020

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Involved artists:
Dafunkydrummer haddock Shi Cassius magirtiko ecsponger FrankieJ Marceys khangurumc jamlady Tofzegrit pber Fishinmissio Fabricio L Jypeka FrankMil Demian bhunt1 Ivanovitch JodyTripp mpointon Ernie440 21UR WhiteDrum55 AKchen

The monkey is never too old to climb the tree


Review by Jypeka on 07/02/2020

Great 5th album, glad to be on it ... but I didn't allow you to put a picture of me on the cover!... haha :)

What a stylish Barbarian!


Review by Wade on 07/02/2020

Wonderful variety of vocal and guitar tracks that are a great showcase.
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