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Colección 30ª

Colección 30ª
About this album:
As always, thank all the friends who share their music and a little piece of soul and heart every day .... ivax created by ivax on 07/07/2020

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Involved artists:
Wikimark ivax jamlady Uloisius Ezdrummer axenvocs Ernie440 fblack Mickey PJE ALawrence1 adu Carpenter Stef mpointon Cassius Drumshticks jmrukkers gwailoah CI Section DanDiplo Tu khangurumc Keeper Sagiba solozolo AnneCozean Fabricio L GlezBass JEF29730

Great Xavi Music


Review by Ernie440 on 07/07/2020

You and uombo :) are two of my favorite players from Spain and this album really hits the spot .. so glad to be part of this collection my friend and amigo!



Review by Tu on 07/07/2020

Thanks for including me...I have much respect for you as an artist. This album is an excellent example of your versatility 💕💕💕💕


Review by JEF29730 on 07/08/2020

Thanks amigo for included me on this album ! Very cool😁🤘

Great Album


Review by khangurumc on 07/08/2020

Thank you Xavi for included me in your album.Really proud to be part of this :)

a really great album ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 07/08/2020

Thank you for being part of this great album ;o)

Great Album!


Review by ALawrence1 on 07/07/2020

Cool collection of Xavi style music:) Love it! Thanks for including my offering.

Xavi's best tracks


Review by Cassius on 07/07/2020

Cool album with various styles. Thanks for included me between great musicians.
CI Section

Cool collection


Review by CI Section on 07/07/2020

Wide spectrum of your fine guitar art! Thanks for including my stuff!



Review by axenvocs on 07/07/2020

My friend I enjoyed this collection of your music. And as always feel privileged to participate

Xavi rocks \m/


Review by TeeGee on 07/14/2020

As always, a very good selection of songs from a Wikiloops legend. Rock on brother :W

Grande Edition


Review by Sagiba on 07/09/2020

Very different songs...I like this coleccion. Thx for including me Xavi...Gracias

Super Collection


Review by Carpenter on 07/09/2020

I really like the diversity of players and styles on this collection. Thank you so much for including me on your album, Xavi! :)

A cool musican


Review by Mickey on 07/09/2020

Iam so glad to make Musik with Amigo Ivax hehe

Simplemente Xavi!


Review by fblack on 07/08/2020

Un gran álbum con grandes canciones! Esas palmeras de la portada son de tu tierra? Gracias por incluirme!:)
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