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Coloring Outside the Lines

Coloring Outside the Lines
About this album:
This is a collections of quirky, outside the box thinking jams I have done here, from odd beats to just mixing a bunch of different tracks together to fill one track. The genius of the loopers here shows just how much fun jamming can be, I know I enjoyed playing on everyone of these. To me it's just coloring outside the lines. Thanks for listening.Bothen created by Bothen on 01/14/2021

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Involved artists:
Kaipa Bothen akethesnaker slin AKchen MarcioMafi Fishinmissio Leftdaloops1019 GreenDog axenvocs eGiL moonchild jimkarol Balfo Itocpogo Ernie440 gmr2048

a really cool album...


Review by slin on 01/16/2021

a lot of cool and fantastic music here Ron and thanks for let me join here.;)

Great drumming and cool ideas.


Review by Wade on 01/15/2021

Got to be listening to more of your tracks. so much energy and creativity in these!

Colorful Tripping


Review by Telemetry on 01/15/2021

Well played and sung; enjoyed the many shades of this musical trip.

Fantastic Music That Entertains OurSouls


Review by Itocpogo on 01/14/2021

Thank You, Ron for allowing me to join all these Incredible musicians in your Album!!!! I enjoy all the music because it "swings", tugs at our emotions and entertains us!! Best Regards, Dan R
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