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Hammer & Quill- in the beginning

Hammer & Quill- in the beginning
About this album:
Good friends reunite after 30 years and happen on writing music, what could more fun or entertaining. To make it even better, we jammed with some of our favorite Wiki-loopers to create this album. I am the Hammer & Char is the Quill...this is Hammer & Quill... Enjoy.

All lyrics by Frank Ciardullorp3drums created by rp3drums on 09/27/2021

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Involved artists:
rp3drums adu Ernie440 onorium Al-Fadista bhunt1 rootshell DanDiplo Mikebanez

The Singing Drummer


Review by Ernie440 on 09/28/2021

Joining the ranks of Phil Collins, Levon Helm and Ringo Starr, hehe, Ray has become the singing drummer of the Loops :D:W Cool album buddy, glad to play a small part here amigo!!

Current sound


Review by szimn on 09/28/2021

You have brought out the great sounds of what I have been listening to wikiloops in the last couple of months. Your work, and other great talent that I hear on this social media today within this genre.

Nice Album, Good Job !


Review by adu on 09/29/2021

Nice that I was allowed to be part of your musical journey.
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