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Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy
About this album:
A collection of what I thought were some interesting collaborations. A bit edgy, bizarre, fun, and as the album nears the end laid back and chilled. A mix of things. Thanks to all the participants for their amazing & skillful contributions. long live the loops! good times! I hope you find this collection entertaining and enjoyable.Major 3rd created by Major 3rd on 07/02/2021

Thumbs: 11
Listened: 460 times

Involved artists:
TheMechanic Major 3rd ivax Ezdrummer Simonymous Gelo SupJax Leftdaloops1019 GoneUser_200920 Ernie440 horizoneye KaiPlan frankyguitar Guadaña Lenny Cowler KMstar BuzzBomber Neb Carpenter abuitremorem

Love it! Cool Album!


Review by Ernie440 on 07/02/2021

Wow! Shock Therapy! Love the bizarreness, creativity and technical prowess of the Craigster as he explores the edges of sanity with his completely unique music :O A real pleasure to play along on a few of these tunes, an honor! :W

Major Craig,amazing album


Review by ivax on 07/02/2021

Thanks Craig for share this fantastic Album

I enjoyed listening!


Review by Carpenter on 07/02/2021

Thanks for the musical shock therapy and thanks for having me on! :W:D

A bit edgy, bizarre, fun


Review by abuitremorem on 07/02/2021

In this album, Craig gives us a view of his music that he himself describes so well. Wonderful music. I am happy that I can be there.


Review by frankyguitar on 07/02/2021

BTW, I love that cover :D :D :D

Shock what, Therapy


Review by frankyguitar on 07/02/2021

Fantastic collection of great songs you choose Craig !! Excellent, great, wild, powerful or bizarre music !! I'm really honored that you choose a track with my collab, a great pleasure. Thanx very much brother :W :D :W

Great Compilation


Review by Ezdrummer on 07/02/2021

Great compilation Craig. Thank you for putting me in, but I'm even happier hearing from you, bro !!!!!



Review by GBD on 07/04/2021

Nicely Twisted de Mind-o-Meter B)

One of our Greats Here!


Review by Wade on 07/03/2021

He's been rocking and shocking us for years...and both he and us are as crazy as ever!



Review by axenvocs on 07/03/2021

Killer tracks brother !
Lenny Cowler



Review by Lenny Cowler on 07/03/2021

Really great therapy:)
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