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The cat

The cat
About this album:
Art about the cat.
I have studied many philosophers and many cats.
The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior
(Hippolyte Taine)
.. Cats don't take anyone seriously who doesn't meow.
(writer unknown)Waterval created by Waterval on 01/30/2022

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music reflects the nature of a cat?


Review by abuitremorem on 02/01/2022

Andrea's love for animals and especially cats are also reflected in the music and in this album. It seems as if the different pieces try to describe the nature of a cat. It's an honor for me to be here. Many Thanks



Review by Tofzegrit on 01/31/2022

Approved by the cats here :) they have their own playlist now !

the cat in my arms eternally


Review by AKchen on 01/30/2022

.. an album dedicated to all of the animals in the world, which deserve all of our care & protection thank you dear creative music friends & special thank to José ;) ... the opener includes one of my first untrained vocal adds, I choosed that mix, because Babbazitt expressed so strong here, what he liked to tell to the world, jamlady fixed it ! -- all my adds are dedicated to ♥ Bella ♥

Never forget


Review by hartmut on 02/10/2022

Once you've had a cat in your life, you'll never forget. So it's the case with me and I remember with such indescribable warmth. Your Album puts the spot on, so cool 😎 thx 🙏


Review by AKchen on 01/30/2022

the album is a bit experimental, poppy & cool ... I love all those adds and mixes :D
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