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Boogie Tracks Vol.1

Boogie Tracks Vol.1
About this album:
Many years have passed since my first collaboration on the wonderful musical planet Wikiloops and I begin to feel the desire to collect by genre some tracks in which I played with fantastic musicians without whom all this would not have been possible.
The first musical genre in question is the Boogie Blues which I have always particularly loved. It was really impossible for me to limit myself to just one album and so this is the first volume of 14 tracks.
Still endless thanks to all the musician friends involved and to Wikiloops.Stef created by Stef on 09/15/2022

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Involved artists:
Paseaf Rat Stef Dafunkydrummer frenzie Don_T Bothen Ernie440 Rickplayer Old_Mojo irlenn voodooking Mikebanez MajorTom_III GoneUser_200920

A Master Bluesman


Review by Bothen on 09/16/2022

Stef, you are a master at all genre's and always wonderful to listen to. When it comes to playing the blues you can see there is a place carved out in your soul just for them. It has always been a treat for me to jam with you, thanks for including me here. :)

And a good time was had by all...


Review by BB6 on 09/16/2022

This reminds of good nights out I had way back when. Not that it's old-fashioned! No! Boogie will always touch the better places in people, and this album certainly does with every track. It reminded me of Champion Jack Dupree playing blues and boogie woogie in the early 60s in Accrington of all places. Everybody loved it! Well done Stef!

Magnificent Boogie Blues from Maestro Stefano!!


Review by gwailoah on 09/16/2022

Fabulous selection of musicians to jam with, letting El Stef showcase his magificent piano skills across a range of blues boogie and 12 bar styles. Nice to hear some old archive wikiloops classics. Might have to have a sing with some of them… Bravo!!

Boogie Wonderland


Review by MikeyJ on 09/16/2022

… no not the disco track but a wonderful collection featuring some great musicianship , fantastic playing and exhibiting a clear love of this particular genre. If the blues is about sorrow this album is the perfect joyful toe tapping antidote. Superb.

Boogie on Stef


Review by frenzie on 09/16/2022

Beautiful piano playing the swinging boogie very cool. You are the master Stef :):)

Awsome album indeed


Review by Krasimir on 09/16/2022

Oh yes let's boogie boogie...
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