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Opening by Marceys


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This is a first try with this cool feature on WikiLoops!
Hardest thing was to select "only" 14 tracks! There are so many cool tracks here! But I gues this is only the first album!

Thanks for al the good rides!
Marceys created by Marceys on Dec 24, 2015

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Listened: 3468 times

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Marc At His [Always] Best


Review by mpointon on Dec 24, 2015

How do I review your input to Wikiloops, Marc? I could say how good you are, what amazing contributions you make, what fantastic templates you add. It would just be hyperbole and a disservice the soul you give to us willingly. This album barely scratches what you bring to Wikiloops. There are some people here who are beyond any musical question. You are one of them and it's a pure pleasure to be included on the many, many rides you've given us all. Thank you.

Proud to know this man


Review by kimbo on Apr 13, 2016

...what can I say? It goes without saying that your musical credentials are unquestionable.. It also doesn't really need stating that you have given so many cool jams to us here on wikiloops. So really, all I can say is that every track on this album is a winner! Thanks MARC . Xx



Review by titi on Dec 29, 2015

Sir light a led at the end of all the fingers...
An exceptional compilation !

fantastic ;o)


Review by Uloisius on Dec 28, 2015

So a great album Marc, which you can listen to over and over again ;o)

This guy is my friend


Review by Tofzegrit on Dec 26, 2015

So I could not be objective and true if I tell, that's a f... awesome album with so many talents around The Talented musician you are Marc.

I will always remember that 2015 was the year of revelation for me, because of you, your music catched me and drived me to Wikiloops!

MasterClass inside

Cool rides :)


Review by OliVBee on Dec 24, 2015

Nice compilation of cool tracks ! great work all around :) Funk, jazz no matter the style : your musicality speaks volumes !

This is a very good album


Review by Krasimir on Apr 5, 2022

Great playing, great singing, great selection.
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Many thanks for creating this amazing site,its every jammers dream,so many great musicians to record with. Thanks again.
petebass from England

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