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Headless Horsemen Vol.X The Maze by ivax

Headless Horsemen Vol.X The Maze

Headless Horsemen  Vol.X  The Maze
About this album

This is the tenth Album of HH, an adventure we started randomly and which was published for the first time on Feb 24, 2021, the first of the Albums... Without thinking that we are already on the tenth and enjoying it like the first day Thank you all for participating and for your support in listening... We are not a private band, so you are all welcome to participate if you want. ivax created by ivax on Sep 28, 2023

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Four Horsemen, Ten Albums, One Fabulous Band!


Review by bluvation on Sep 28, 2023

Congratulations on yet another cool album guys, what an achievement!

Music and friendship


Review by Krasimir on Sep 28, 2023

Great album. Great established style of playing. Friendship can be noticed in all tracks.

Big Thanks


Review by Ezdrummer on Sep 28, 2023

Ten albums, always together with the same friends. It would be a fabulous achievement if we were a band in the real world, it is even more so in the virtual world of WL, where it is not easy to find such a deep musical understanding given the great distance that separates us in our respective cities in which we live. Maybe this album, this milestone isn't the last one yet and we can grow more and more. Maybe there are still splendid environments to explore with you gents. Big thanks

Headless Horsemen Vol.X The Maze Album


Review by FDLDJ on Sep 28, 2023

Hey, great band! :) I agree with "Spirit"... but you definitely have the head to create 10 albums. My compliments! ;)

Great Album, great friends.


Review by davidaustin on Sep 28, 2023

As Ezio said Ten albums is a great achievement, Always fun, a big thanks to all for the opportunity to
be involved, cheers my friends.

Four musicians and a fantastic album, well done


Review by Baerenkind on Sep 28, 2023

Really a pleasure to listen guys....

My musical brothers


Review by DirkL on Sep 28, 2023

Being accepted is the most wonderful thing. Thanks to these guys for the great energy and teamwork to make unique sounds together. The future holds more energy and more teamwork.
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