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On the Road Back

On the Road Back
about this album:
These are some of my favorite instrumental jams from the Loops. Many great musicians played on these tracks and I appreciate their creativity and varied styles.

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Review by earlsteven on 06/21/2016

i like this partymusik, great musicans in, groovystuff!!!!!!!!!!!

You need a cool bass?


Review by frankyguitar on 06/21/2016

Listen this album and you get it !!
Very cool album bh. I like it a lot !!
Congratz to all involved musicians! Much fun to listen it :-)

Album Info

bhunt1 created by bhunt1 on 12/25/2015

Thumbs: 10
Listened: 882 times
involved artists:
Gigster Drum bhunt1 jmrukkers cschlote Dafunkydrummer Zenon Roux Francky akethesnaker millern52184 Weazle JonJon adu simmerdown DrumDude RobM mickymcg65 paulus Zamzam pkliesch mpointon
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