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OpeningMarceys created by Marceys on 12/23/2015

Thumbs: 10
Listened: 507 times
involved artists:
MrAdamOnDrums Marceys Shi alexj SlonMusic Dafunkydrummer OliVBee haddock marmotte TomasFoe RichyH aleonz mpointon Tofzegrit bigmac9137 kennyadry hingstler dimeomax
about this album:
Just a first try for this new cool WikiLoops feature! There are just to many cool tracks to choose from! Thanks all for this cool rides!

Total Coolness!


Review by aleonz on 12/23/2015

There is so many super groove tracks that you lay around wikiloops, and this "opening album" is really a strong kick that show how amazing your musicality. You really have that rich, tasty, flavors touch, Music Genius ! that is you! Thank you for sharing your music, and I'm so lucky to cross this path and join this Funtastic Ride!

Magic Marc


Review by Tofzegrit on 12/23/2015

So many good stuff here !
Of course that's because I'm ivolved in most of the titles !!!! smile.gif
If wikiloops has changed my musical daily life, what to say about yourself?
It's not a secret, you are my favorite music Partner and that's so cool you play keyboards and increase seriously your singer skills in one year.
One of the best moment in 2015 was to meet you and jam with you in real life.
I believe we became friends but for sure, I'am your fan



Review by kimbo on 06/27/2016

nice collection mate... specially like champagne! my version is called "leave (but on your way out)"
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