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Bots To The Front

Bots To The Front
About this album:
MusicMaker's Vita software drums. Allways a lot of fun to spend time in midi editor, to work on drum support. More or less dynamic/realistic, but that's what software drums are for. At least as an ideaSupJax created by SupJax on 03/10/2016

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Involved artists:
Reaper421 Basster SupJax MajorTom_III Babbazitt WHITEPONGO anoon Herman420 frankyguitar Girard YoWild shumdrummer Guadaña


Review by frankyguitar on 07/30/2017

Great Album Jax!! Schöne Track Auswahl :W

Klasse Album ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 03/11/2016

coole Auswahl der Songs, klasse Album ;o)

Killer album


Review by Guadaña on 03/10/2016

Cool album man!!! Hard, some softs songs... has it all. ;)


Review by SupJax on 06/20/2019

Jams missing. Download for original tracklist
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