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HuntingGroundsSupJax created by SupJax on 03/11/2016

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Listened: 833 times
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Dafunkydrummer Rockzilla SupJax Wikimark shumdrummer Guadaña frankyguitar tullicbr v.romires anoon Basster TheMechanic Girard YoWild DannyK Lenny Cowler Evilvince James doo TSRBand
about this album:
Tapping on acoustic guitar is a lot of fun, even more after using MusicMaker's Vandal software amp. Not always successful, but there some lucky results

Lautstärke hoch und ab geht`s ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 03/11/2016

Wem das Leben zu soft ist der sollte sich hin und wieder diese Scheibe anhören ;o)
Sehr cooles Album SupJax ;o)
Major 3rd


Review by Major 3rd on 09/25/2016

good vocals.....did this template myself also, no singing though....anyway cool!
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