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HuntingGrounds by SupJax


About this album

Tapping on acoustic guitar is a lot of fun, even more after using MusicMaker's Vandal software amp. Not always successful, but there some lucky results SupJax created by SupJax on Mar 11, 2016

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Truth in Shredding


Review by Acousticeg on Oct 15, 2020

I always enjoy your talent, performance and perspective in your approach to music.

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Review by SupJax on May 23, 2018

Missing tracks available 4.- You able to feel something? (Accidental Damage #60044) -YoWild, shumdrummer, Girard] 5.- Amenhotep III (abuitremorem #59387) -TheMechanic, Girard] 7.- Black Castle Toy !!!! (Traitors Of Burgory) -YoWild, Lenny Cowler, Evilvince] 8.- Stay a lil longer (Very early electric lead guitar) -Wikimark] 10.- Eyes Wide Shut (James doo) -shumdrummer, Catruett, Basster] 11.- Guard The Yard (YoWild) -Wikimark]
Major 3rd


Review by Major 3rd on Sep 25, 2016

good vocals.....did this template myself also, no singing though....anyway cool!

Lautstärke hoch und ab geht`s ;o)


Review by Uloisius on Mar 11, 2016

Wem das Leben zu soft ist der sollte sich hin und wieder diese Scheibe anhören ;o)
Sehr cooles Album SupJax ;o)


Review by SupJax on Oct 21, 2017

6 jams have been removed, it's not worth the listen any longer. what is left does not represent the once good HuntingGrounds, but the amount of supporters and listeners. thanks for the run
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