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Friends from low frequencies

Friends from low frequencies
About this album:
Here is a collection of tune with my favorite partners Marc & Martin and some of great bass players in this place. 14 tracks are not enough for all talents concerned, this is... a simple sample !!Tofzegrit created by Tofzegrit on 04/25/2016

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Involved artists:
Marceys mpointon jmrukkers tron12 Tofzegrit JMB65 KaiPlan mulambo aleonz alexj Alex Sarikov SlavikBass Blind-Dog bigmac9137 CKArmstrong haddock Carpenter DannyK GlezBass dimeomax

Cool Lowriders


Review by Marceys on 04/25/2016

Hey Tof, that are some cool LowRiders alright! You could have placed yourself onthe album as a cool bassplayer too!

Great to be part (every song) of this cool album! :)



Super cool


Review by axenvocs on 05/27/2018

Great collection so many great Bassist's and musicians here to choose from.

funktastic ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 04/26/2016

Another great album from the Grand Master of the smooth guitar sounds ;o)
Great collection of sophisticated pieces of music performed by a elite circle of Wikiloopers and the master himself.

I congratulate you for this outstanding album my friend ;o)

Vive la groove!


Review by Carpenter on 04/25/2016

Ceci est une excellente sélection de chansons groovy.

Je vous remercie de me permettre d'être là, Tof.


Great selection


Review by GlezBass on 04/25/2016

A great selection of good bassman players (I've excluding me he he),different styles, different tones, different sounds but common good players wikiloopers , for space reasons are not all, but I congratulate you for choosing between your selected, enjoy ....
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