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Groovy Tunes

Groovy Tunes
about this album:
Collection of jams from the Loops. Lots of fun had here :) Thanks everyone!

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Review by rp3drums on 06/20/2016

Thanks for including me on your album.. It really does groove, you may be the grooviest bass player on the loops... to many more grooves in the future!

The hipp(hopi)est bassplayer in Wikiloops


Review by TeeGee on 06/20/2016

Cool album, just listening to it. I can't wait for our band album to be finished!

Brian Rocks ^^


Review by Funkystan on 06/20/2016

Hey Brian...
So cool to listen to these tracks...
I'm glad to be part of this album...
Allows me to discover some of the many tracks from you I've missed so far... A pleasure to play with you!!!

Keep on rocking Brian ^^



Review by axenvocs on 01/15/2017

Cool album great work honored to be in the line up


Review by ivax on 06/22/2016

Fantastic Bhunt :) Thanks my friend

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bhunt1 created by bhunt1 on 06/19/2016

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