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Wikivox by mpointon


About this album

Vocalists. Their ability to transform any jam into a polished, completed song always amazes me and this phenomenal talent amongst us deserves much recognition for their skills - brave skills that scare the hell out of me let alone record them for the world to hear! I've been lucky to play with some fabulous singers on here and this album represents just a tiny insight to the gems that can be found in the 'Loops archives. There were so many other tracks I wanted to include but I chose a breadth of styles and artists instead of just favourites. The opening track always makes me smile: JDF's remarkable and pitch-perfect crooning impression blew my socks off when I first heard it and still does. Please visit the profiles of these singers and give them loads of thumbs! mpointon created by mpointon on Jul 27, 2016

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Involved artists

Amazing recognition and humility...


Review by JDF on Nov 18, 2018

It is an amazing thing when people of like minded people have the opportunity to share themselves and bare their souls to one another only to be transformed into something so stunning that it makes us all be inspired and takes us to a place we never thought was even there. I would write music with you anytime my friend. It's rare indeed to find people like this (including yourself) so embrace it and bath in the feelings and emotions it brings...you never know what tomorrow brings. Thank you.

Super Cool Bundle


Review by aleonz on Aug 5, 2016

it's always a great journey to listen to Martin track, he really knows what the song need, and how to treat the song with his very cool approach, so good to be part of this album along with so many great singers with a wonderful voice and talent who bring so much inspiration to me, I learn a lot from all of you here everytime I listen to the track, and it's so great to find all the talents here in wikiloop, you are all my living musical guru!


Exquisite Selection


Review by GlezBass on Jul 27, 2016

It is for me an honor that has included me in this selection of tracks Martin album , without underestimating anyone in this web magnifies perhaps the best artists on the drums of this site, thanks

Gold Mine


Review by Tofzegrit on Jul 27, 2016

Hard to do a collection, I agree
This is an excellent opus not because I'm in but because it's a nice review of vocalists talents in this place.
I don't know who is this drummer but he plays on all songs :)

Drums state of the art


Review by M4fp on Jul 3, 2023

Fantastic fine musicians collection
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