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SINGERS titi created by titi on 08/14/2016

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OliVBee AnneCozean titi Balfo Uloisius cody tripp Countryboy jomortimer aleonz hurzel KellsBells TomasFoe Shi FrankieJ GlezBass AKchen haddock marmotte moonchild Dafunkydrummer jaeusm Stef
about this album:
The first ancestral instrument... The voice Big thanks to Alice, AKchen, Uloisius, Shi, Anne Cozean, Moonchild, Mumbles and KellsBells to offer us of so beautiful singings and fabulous texts. Thanks to all to create one such inspiration, and thanks to every these fabulous musicians, and to those as you bewitched to come along !



Review by FrankieJ on 08/20/2016

Such an enjoyable listen.
The selection of tracks create such a nice laid back

No limitations. If the track appeals to Titi he will add his
harp with elegance, regardless of genre.

It is an honour to be included in your works my friend.


harplicious !!


Review by aleonz on 08/15/2016

Titi's harp playing always added a very sweet colors to every track he play, that harp knows how to touch the heart so very well, it sing unspoken words in a very beautiful way.

always great to hear Titi play !and I'm so glad to be part of this wonderful album!

Thank you Titi! keep the music in the air!

A nice selection of singers


Review by GlezBass on 08/14/2016

A nice selection of singers in this album adorned with the marvelous touch of harp Thierry, a gift to the ear. Thanks for including me in such a select collection
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