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Rock It

Rock It
About this album:
This album is a rock tracks that I have joined in the summer 2016. I'm very fond blues however also love the rock about the same as it.Keiton created by Keiton on 09/09/2016

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Involved artists:
Hassandi HiFiFlutes Keiton PDMuzak piper DaveyVee mecanuman akethesnaker Wikimark Rickplayer Uloisius Tenche Guadaña


Review by Guadaña on 09/15/2016

Cool album Kei!!![img]PASTE_IMAGE_URL_HERE[/img]

Pure rock !


Review by mecanuman on 09/11/2016

Happy to be here with you

Coool ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 09/10/2016

Very cool Album Keiton, i am glad that i could be on it ;o)
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