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Cody Tripp Has The Blues

Cody Tripp Has The Blues
About this album:
Blues collaborationsMajorTom_III created by MajorTom_III on 09/17/2016

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Buran70 Danalyze45 MajorTom_III Balfo tullicbr mpointon jmrukkers frankiejazz FrankieJ akethesnaker Guadaña GlezBass Rickplayer goldtop68 Stef Drumshticks

The Blues for a better world


Review by Stef on 09/18/2016

A fantastic Blues collection which boasts the collaboration of a multitude of musicians from many different countries and in which stands out your great personality of guitarist and singer. I have the good fortune and honor to be here. Thank you Tom for this wonderful musical gift.

Killer ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 09/18/2016

Great Album my friend ;o)
Those who like the blues should listen to this Masterpiece ;o)

This is the Blues


Review by FrankieJ on 09/21/2016

Great album!
Always an honor to work with you Tom.



Review by GlezBass on 09/18/2016

Tom is a real all rounder music, a magnificent architect of templates and of course a magnificent bluesman
Thanks for including me in your selection Tom

What an album!


Review by wjl on 09/23/2018

Just listened to it from my phone - and then played it to our daughter. Great, Tom! Thanks for sharing this with us.
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