Crash and Burnt

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Crash and Burntaxenvocs created by axenvocs on 10/15/2016

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WHITEPONGO Lenny Cowler mulambo axenvocs Psycho garymcmill mpointon Harmonicam Rockzilla adu ivax Tofzegrit Ernie440 Major 3rd jaeusm Stef Fabraptor rp3drums FRANK2654 mortheol docnat
about this album:
Only a few of my favorite wiki jams with a few of my favorite wiki friends !! .... Too many to put on the album so many great musicians here



Review by garymcmill on 10/15/2016

A few singers have that distinctive voice and style that you can recognize and appreciate right away. Gary is one of those singers. A excellent collection of his talent with this album.
Major 3rd

Legit Hits!


Review by Major 3rd on 10/17/2016

I agree that Gary has a distinctive voice and style that really stands out. Cuts through and demands to be heard! a natural! Great album of some his work all of which is super!

Rock ON


Review by Tofzegrit on 10/16/2016

and Rock In too !!

Axen the magnificent


Review by ivax on 10/15/2016

fantastic Album smile.gif Thanks my friend
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