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SaufliederUloisius created by Uloisius on 11/17/2016

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akethesnaker Drumshticks Uloisius Babbazitt Balfo hurzel Dreas JamminWithU pkliesch SlonMusic Wade Psycho eLFu Baer docnat JoaoEmidio GlezBass cody tripp Fishinmissio voodooking ajax Mika Tohve Guadaña DaDumps Udo kapone120 irlenn BassChord Slimdaver barkndog CrazYo
about this album:
This is not an album per, but about alcohol ;o) Thanks to all the great Wikiloopians who made this album possible with their music ;o) I have 5 older songs put to the Album but they have thematically added, i hope i do not bother you with it ;o)

Now what I expected...still a thinking mans drinking songs.


Review by Wade on 11/18/2016

Quite surprised at the variety of songs in this compilation. I guess alcohol is the common link, but it's not just a bunch of drinking songs...more of Uli's thinking songs. Thanks for including me wonderful collection.
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