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Bandas,Tascas y Amigos

Bandas,Tascas y Amigos
About this album:
I thank Wikiloops and all the musician friends who are part of this, Thanks to all you it is possible that a little bit of my daily life has some meaning...
After two long years it is impossible to select everything that I would like, but little by little I will be collecting bands, a pleasure for me...ivax created by ivax on 06/05/2017

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Involved artists:
Dafunkydrummer Alex Sarikov FrankieJ ivax adu frenzie Ernie440 Stef Marcelo D MajorTom_III Wade FRANK2654 1969orange Lenny Cowler PDMuzak Fishinmissio wikibeb Psycho axenvocs Mika Tohve Zlazh Basallan tullicbr Larzan titi GlezBass tyros4 jÜrGeN rp3drums davidaustin YoWild Don_T

Great album


Review by ArkRockStudio on 07/02/2017

Ivax, this album is awesome. It's on my MP3 player. Great songs and super playing.

Awesome guitar Xavier


Review by axenvocs on 06/20/2017

Man you play great guitar really always enjoy and love to jam with you mi amigo, these are great tracks with fantastic musicians

Great Album--


Review by ArkRockStudio on 05/16/2017

Hey, where am I at man?

Good to in here!


Review by Wade on 05/16/2017

So many fine musicians in this collection that Xavi has brought together. It's truly and honor to be one of them. Had a little bit of trouble trying to play some of the tracks, don't know why, but hopefully others aren't having the same problem. Lovely album.


Review by FrankieJ on 05/14/2017

It is an honor to be a guest in your house my friend.


Review by davidaustin on 05/14/2017

Always a pleasure to hear your unique sound, gracias Xavi for including something i played a part in.

xavi the authentic :)


Review by frenzie on 05/14/2017

you always bring such authentic melodies and feel to your music! great work Xavi, proud to be on your album! :)

Corazón, alma y música ... Xavi


Review by Stef on 05/14/2017

Technique, music vision, warmth, sound care are just some of your musician's abilities. Xavi, It's a pleasure to listen to your tracks and above all a pleasure to be part of it.

Most Excellent


Review by Don_T on 05/14/2017

Super album mi amigo. Great variety and a ton of awesome artists you have gathered here. Of course, your guitar is always the star in my eyes, but I am biased :D Thanks so much for including me in this album project. Keep those tunes and albums coming my friend :)
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