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locker & flockigUloisius created by Uloisius on 02/21/2017

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Ashox RobM MarcioMafi Uloisius Simonymous Major 3rd Jeebsie Dafunkydrummer FrankieJ GlezBass fanne moonchild roxydub titi allan1970 Don_T Balfo freu Drumshticks cody tripp mray Rockzilla jamlady HiFiFlutes Pewi Ernie440 Marcelo D petebass
about this album:
A warm thank you to all the Wikiloopers involved in the album ;o) Lyrics & vocal recordings for the album were made between 19 November 2016 and 20 February 2017 ;o)



Review by AKchen on 02/27/2017

für das tolle Album, kann es nur GENIESSEN smile.gif


Review by FrankieJ on 02/22/2017

It is an honor to be included in your works Ulo. thank you smile.gif

cool man


Review by axenvocs on 02/21/2017

so very cool my friend

Wonderful Album.. something for everyone


Review by Don_T on 02/21/2017

Love the album, my friend. You have a really great mix of genres' to please everyone, as well as show your true talent. I think you could sing any type of song they threw at you. Excellent smile.gif
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