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  1. December 20 2018
    Rock remix by Ernie440 feat. AKchen Track # 153653
    Du Sagst Es!
  2. November 19 2018
    Classical jam feat. remix by AKchen on Vocals Track # 151336
    how far ? [headphone version]
    by donsk & AKchen
  3. October 08 2018
    Hip hop remix by Pewi feat. AKchen Track # 148336
    und noch eimal für dich
  4. June 27 2018
    HipHop remix by abuitremorem feat. AKchen Track # 140868
    nä [für mich is dat nix]
  5. April 08 2018
    Folk jam feat. remix by AKchen on Mixer Track # 134916
  6. October 04 2017
    Classical remix by Tofzegrit feat. AKchen Track # 117699
    Life Balance (Ettore Mix)
  7. March 25 2017
    Rock remix by KaiPlan feat. AKchen Track # 101793
    Fahrstuhl der Melancholie +Fretless
  8. October 31 2015
    Pop remix by Psycho feat. AKchen Track # 54003
    Elfentanz Und Schwarzen Katzen
  9. October 20 2015
    World remix by abuitremorem feat. AKchen Track # 53018
    fishing fish wG
  10. February 02 2015
    Electronic jam feat. remix by AKchen on Vocals Track # 32322
    Funky alien in town


Vocals, kazoo


... very inspired by Rio Reiser, Die Sterne and The B52s

I also like David Bowie, the Talking Heads, PJ Harvey, Portishead, Feist, Refused, Tocotronic, Blumfeld, Nina Hagen, Toni Kater, Sophie Hunger, Chapeau Claque, Moloko, Madsen, Matt Bianco, Henry Rollins, The Prodigy, Eartha Kitt, Velvet Underground, 16 Horsepower, Jimi Tenor, Thomas Dolby, Violent Femmes, Amy Winhouse, Kimmo Pohjonen, Chemical Brothers, The Waterboys, Johnny Cash, George Harrison and Audrey Hepburn, just to name a few ...

my idols, if ever .. are Björk and my dog Emily, not to forget my grandma Anna (a poet)

btw.: I`m a sucker for trumpets & accordions
the experimental gang !!

no poetry without music Wink

recording devices

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