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  1. August 06 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by Ernie440 on Bass Track # 113016
    Breaking Fake News from CNN!
  2. July 28 2016
    World jam feat. remix by Ernie440 on Bass Track # 79396
    * The Spanish Fly *
  3. June 02 2016
    Pop jam feat. remix by Ernie440 on Bass Track # 74616
  4. May 23 2016
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Ernie440 on Bass Track # 73807
    Two Three Four
    by pkliesch & Ernie440
  5. May 22 2016
    Jazz jam feat. remix by Ernie440 on Bass Track # 73730
    Jazzy Sunday Morning (needs jazzy guitar lead, etc..)
  6. March 27 2016
    Funk jam feat. remix by Ernie440 on Guitar, Bass & Drums Track # 68502
    Easter Kazoozle Funk Jam
    by Ernie440
  7. March 26 2016
    Funk jam feat. remix by Ernie440 on Bass & Guitar Track # 68328
    Wiki-land Funk Fest
    by Dafunkydrummer & Ernie440

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I think I got my first bass when I was 16 yrs of age ... 40 years ago as I write this .. holy crap! Of course, I haven't been playing steady since then, there was a few years without much playing, but then I got into some local bands when I was about 18/19 I guess ... I enjoy playing the bass!! It's fun! smile.gif


Oh I got about 10 basses fretless and fretted, nothing boutique or super expensive, an American Fender jazz probably the most valuable, but value doesn't matter anyway, what matters is how you feel about the instrument and if you like playing it and it's tone, etc.. (buy me a boutique bass!!) hehehe Pfft

recording devices

Focusrite 2i2 ... direct in with that - Reaper and amplitube to tweak the sound, sometimes I play off my bass cabinet with a 20 year old plastic radio shack mic into the DAW, hey it works! smile.gif


October 18 1959

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