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Fabricio Ls showcase

  1. November 26 2016Rock jam feat. Fabricio L playing guitarTrack # 90852

    Modum Tristitia

    Fabricio Lby Fabricio L
  2. October 22 2016Rock jam feat. Fabricio L on guitarTrack # 87301

    Unholy Ethereal Way

    Mika TohveFabricio Lby Mika Tohve & Fabricio L
  3. October 15 2016Metal jam feat. Fabricio L on guitarTrack # 86690

    Charging Supernatural Satisfaction

    SamHansenFabricio Lby SamHansen & Fabricio L
  4. September 24 2016Metal jam feat. Fabricio L on guitarTrack # 84620

    I've Got a Vision too

    Mika TohveMika TohveMika TohveWikimarkFabricio L
  5. September 17 2016Metal jam feat. Fabricio L on guitarTrack # 84025

    Burnig Sadist Mode (w/guitar solo)

    Lenny CowlerFabricio LFabricio L
  6. September 15 2016Rock jam feat. Fabricio L on guitarTrack # 83771

    Never Can Tell Judges You

    JonJonFabricio Lby JonJon & Fabricio L
  7. June 12 2016Metal jam feat. Fabricio L on guitarTrack # 75402

    Fade to Fast

    Lenny CowlerFabricio Lby Lenny Cowler & Fabricio L
  8. June 11 2016Metal jam feat. Fabricio L on guitarTrack # 75366

    Sudden Death

    v.romiresFabricio Lby v.romires & Fabricio L
  9. June 09 2016Rock jam feat. Fabricio L on guitarTrack # 75189

    Going Away ... to nowhere - end v

    mpointonFabricio LFabricio LFabricio LFabricio L
  10. May 07 2016Rock jam feat. Fabricio L fiddling on the sequencerTrack # 72185

    Blue Cold Soft Letters

    DafunkydrummerFabricio LFabricio L

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I was bourne in Brasil, son of Italian immigrants of World War II.
When I was young I thought that when I was older I would not like heavy music ... I was wrong ... I like more and more, in my city few people like this sound, despite the 400,000 inhabitants, there I found wikiloops and addicted.
I like Classic Music, Rock, hard rock, heavy, doom, something pieces guitar of thrash, death and black metal.
Some influences: Black Sabbath, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, RHCP, GnR, Anathema, Woods of Ypres, Mars Volta; White Stripes; Faith No More, Sepultura, Pearl Jam, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Led Zeppelin, Queens of the Stone Age, System of a Down, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Peter Frampton, Van Halen, Jimmy Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Rage ATM, Legião Urbana, Sarcófago, Ratos de Porão, Rescues in Future, etc ... Angry
Electric Guitar and Bass, play as hobby.
recording devices
Gibson Les Paul Special.
Yamaha Bass.
Peavey Valveking.
September 13 1973

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