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  1. November 23 2017
    World jam feat. remix by GlezBass on Drums Track # 122334
    Bulerias in the Yard ft. GeorgeLion
  2. November 22 2017
    World jam feat. remix by GlezBass on Palms & Drawer Track # 122330
    Bulerias in the Yard (No bass)
    by GlezBass & GlezBass
  3. November 22 2017
    Funk jam feat. remix by GlezBass on Bass Track # 122324
    MoonChild_Mizz.TuneItNeva (w bass)

Contact Information


For the curious ... my name is Mario
I'm not a professional musician but I love music, unfortunately I do not know music theory but I defend my ear and memory with a little help from technology

I live in the region of Andalucia on the Costa del Sol (Malaga) pure musical fusion zone (flamenco, Latin, Arabic music ...) but I especially love the jazz, blues, funky and bossa nova, although deep I like all music that moves my mind, body and fingers
My favorite and most inspiring artists are Paco de Lucia and Pat Metheny on guitar, Richard Bona, Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clark and Jaco Pastorius to electric bass, and Pepe Bao and Carles Benavent a spanish bassist very very cool!, also Alain Perez a cuban bassist who makes excellent incursions into jazz and flamenc.
Othe bassists what I love are: Michael League (Snarky Puppy), Hadrian Feraud, Federico Malaman and Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops)
For a long time I was listening to classic bands: Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, George Benson, Level 42, Earth Wind and Fire, Kool and the Gangs, Uzeb, Pat Metheny Group, Steely Dan, Step Ahead and more to more bands...

Now I am dedicated to electric bass but also make inroads with guitar and keyboards


- Fretted
Marcus Miller V7 Swamp Ash 4 NT Jazz Bass by Sire active/passive, four strings roundwounds
Cort A5 five-string Daddario roundwouns Bartolini MK1 pickups
Westone Bass Precission 1980´s bass (Matsumoku Japan Brand)
- Fretless
Marcus Miller Sire V7 5th flatwound Strings Fretless Bass Alder Vintage
Marcus Miller Sire Bass V7 fretless active/passive 4 strings Thomastik flatwounds.
Ibanez Roadster RS 924 1980´s fretless bass roundwound strings

Guitars: Yamaha Silent nylon string guitar
Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville Nylon
Spanish Concert Classic Admira guitar model Malaga (w La Bella strings red nylon)
Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar

Keyboard: Yamaha MX49
Amplifiers:Two Ashdown T15s 250wat (2 amplifiers in stereo set) (rehearsal) and MiBass 220wat Ashdown (at home)

Effects: Pandora PX Stomp, Boss ME50B and Zoom MS60B MultiStomp. Behringer DI box UtraG
And a fun looper Nux Core for training "goofing" ....

MIDI controller for bass, guitar and voice: SONUUS G2M V3
Interface unit to control monophonic sounds from any guitar or bass by triggering any keyboard or MIDI sound module with the strings
To see:

recording devices

Recordings techniques according to increasing complexity :

Interface Audio: FocusRite solo and Roland UA25

1)Primitive with Line In of my sound card or interface USB of the laptop through the Pandora Stomp or Boss ME50B ; stop using it because the new laptops no longer have entry specifies Line In although it was a good and simple method

2)Bass on the amplifier input MiBass 220 signal with loop bass Boss ME 50B/Pandora Stomp EQ/effect, then out signal to Box Boehringer DI--> XLR DI out entry on XLR input interface audio and other signal clean on entry jack socket interface audio (double signal). The signal recorded on DAW is stereo track , one channel is via XLR and other clean channel, both then digitally mixed in Audacity for second editing effects (compressor, standardization, etc ...). Sometimes I turn the stereo track in mono with the option of obtaining a mixed signal Audacity on a single mono channel. It is a somewhat complex but very similar technique which is performed in some recording studios on real sessions records, getting the bass double signal through an injection box to record from mixer to DAW; so I can keep the amplifier setup EQ and effects unit jams sessions in real live without great from modifications of parameters when I disconnect the bass and their effects from the home studio

3) Bass --> Amplifier MiBass 220 --> DI out signal + Line out jack signal --> double signal XLR and jack in signal of the interface audio FocusRite. I used the analogics effects in loop in/out set of the amplifier MiBass 220


Software: Cubase 6/Audacity
VST pluggins in Audacity: TAL Chorus, Compressor Klanghelm DC1A2, Duet Stereo Enhancer Martin, Proximity Microphone


December 28 1962

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