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  1. December 28 2017
    Country jam feat. remix by HiFiFlutes on Flute Track # 125489
    D Woods
  2. December 06 2017
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by HiFiFlutes on Flute Track # 123442
    Evocation Arises
    by ARNOSOLO & HiFiFlutes
  3. December 06 2017
    World jam feat. remix by HiFiFlutes on Flute Track # 123435
    Flutified Flight of The SparrowHawk
    by ARNOSOLO & HiFiFlutes


Hi, my name is Chris, From the St Louis Missouri area. First of all, I have been learning to play actual music on these homemade instruments for a relatively short time, I have come to join Wikiloops with hopes of learning to play better by playing with others. I only play flutes which I have handcrafted, I feel a strong connection with my own creations. My interest in building native style flutes began two years ago after purchasing a flute on ebay. I only purchased it as a curiosity, I like native things, I hunt for indian relics in the fields, I like some native American flute music etc. Anyway... It was a good flute to be sure although I did not know it at that time. I had no idea of how to play it. Liking a challenge, I decided to attempt building a better one? I had the perfect walnut wood from a fallen tree, one that was planted in honor of my bother David' Life. It was blown over by a storm after 30 years. I almost gave up on the idea and prepared to send the wood to a known flute maker. I, Thankfully, chose otherwise. The Challenge was on !I had no idea of what I was doing except by looking at my ebay purchase and referring to online studies. after much toil I rendered my first flute. and it was better in many aspects. I could play it better. From then on I have been eager to build more and better flutes. A hobby with no end ! There is no perfecting this art. There are too many variables involved. Each flute is unique in appearance and timbre. Each flute has its own voice. This year my plan is to learn to play all of my flutes proficiently, without studder or interrupt. I wish to have my feelings flow fluidly through my music. I have found "My Teacher" in the making of these flutes. I have no musical background whatever. I cannot read music and understand little of music theory. All I play comes from within. I don't think I can play the exact same thing twice. All I really know is that I will be making and playing these wooden flutes for the duration. I have spent the last year learning how to make a good flute. this year I intend to spend less time in my workshop and more time learning to play. I've been serious about playing only for a short time but I am hooked! I'm here to meet new people, learn new things and eventually, hopefully, utter more meaningful phrases from within through my flutes,
my wikiloops birthday is 11-22-2015
dob 12/11/1965


Home made 6 hole native American style wooden flutes. Made from Forest scatter, fallen trees & reclaimed barn timber. I have made 16 flutes to date.

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winows 7, Reaper, pioneer surround setup microphone $20 on ebay smile.gif


December 11 1965

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