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  1. November 09 2017
    Blues jam feat. remix by Keiton on Bass Track # 121056
    Blues is Fun
  2. November 08 2017
    Blues jam feat. remix by Keiton on Bass Track # 120995
    Bad Tobacco Road
    by ddruszkowski & Keiton
  3. October 31 2017
    Blues jam feat. remix by Keiton on Guitar Track # 120250
    Small Party Blues

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I'm socializing is poor but not malicious.
Came here in 2013. I didn't notice the site of the online session at here. Am add the jam become close to 850 songs in the near future. I mainly play the blues. Occasionally rock and bass also.
Daily I don't listen to music. But I'm enjoying the wikiloops. To play the blues often. Recently busy. Sometimes I have recorded in the kitchenGrin
BTW I have not been affected by Iommi and Blackmore.

You will see soon whether there under whose influence If you listen to my guitar playing.


Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, YAMAHA, cheap guitars and Bass guitar.

recording devices

[center]Guitar→AVID→MacBook Pro(Logic Pro X).


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