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  1. January 28 2019
    Funk jam feat. remix by LittleWing on Guitar Synth Track # 156492
    Some Other Place, Some Other Time..
  2. December 20 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by LittleWing on Mixer & Guitar Track # 153606
    The Time Is Now 3:35
  3. November 01 2018
    Jazz jam feat. remix by LittleWing on Guitar Track # 149985
    Laying It Down
    by MajorTom_III & LittleWing
  4. October 29 2018
    Jazz jam feat. remix by LittleWing on Guitar Track # 149776
    by MajorTom_III & LittleWing


Paul Reed Smith SE with Seymour Duncan SH2-N Jazz for neck and Sh-4 Jeff Beck Custom for bridge.
Yamaha Acoustics
Schecter Studio Session Bass
Fender Jazz Fretless with custom Audele Preamp.

recording devices

Line 6 HD 500
Roland GP-10
EBS Microbass
EBS Tube Comp
LR Baggs Session Acoustic D.I.

User stats:

public Uploads: 150
Fans: (received thumbs)358
given thumbs: 376
written Comments: 419
Forum posts: 31
received Remixes: 43
total plays:12,394
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