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  • When the wind touches the wood 2
  • When the wind touches the wood
  • Together
  • Loud and tender


  1. April 26 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by Navota on Flute Track # 136539
    If dreams come true
  2. April 15 2018
    World jam feat. remix by Navota on Flute Track # 135600
    Sound of the Andes
  3. June 12 2017
    Pop jam feat. remix by Navota on Flute Track # 108424
    when winter is gone
  4. May 18 2017
    Blues jam feat. remix by Navota on Flute Track # 106253
    Sweet things
  5. May 04 2017
    Folk jam feat. remix by Navota on Sequencer Track # 105048
    In the forrest
  6. December 03 2016
    Classical jam feat. remix by Navota on Flute Track # 91585
    Walk in beauty

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Play the Native American flute now from 2014. Love to play it every day. Used differt backing tracks from youtube. Glad I found this side hope to meet people to play with I have an A minor, B minor C Minor E minor F# and an G minor. Love Reggea, metal ballades, celtic and Native American Music. I have a website a facebook page and a youtube Chanel about native American Flutes to let people in Holland now about this Instrument. Thanks to every one that uploaded music enjoyed listening AND JAMMING with it.

This video is with artwork I made and music


Native American Flute, Native drum, A lot of percussion instruments.

recording devices

I using Music Maker to edite the recordings
Audiobox 22vsl with two microphones


January 7 1960

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