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  1. January 17 2018
    Pop jam feat. remix by PJE on Drums Track # 127305
  2. January 16 2018
    Folk jam feat. remix by PJE on Drums Track # 127197
    Here By My side
  3. January 12 2018
    Country jam feat. remix by PJE on Drums Track # 126874
    Two Lonely People


Brought up and educated in Wonderous East Africa, love music of every kind - .From playing furniture I graduated to proper drum kit through the Deep Purple/Sabbath/Rush/Level 42/journey/Boston/Gino Vannelli and on and on Academy - buying my first real kit at 16 for £100 ( which had belonged to Smokie's drummer) I loved it even though it had a Formica type finish and was only a Premier classic 5 piece. My first play alongside/cover band live were Bad Co Can't get enough of your love/Zeps Rock and Roll/Bowie Jean Genie and so on. How the neighbours loved me!

By 18 I had a great big Pearl setup and was gigging with almost every band in Bradford that didn't have drummer (back in those days kits were very expensive and difficult to practise with because of the noise) so there were lots of bands but very few drummers - so musically played Rock-pop-punk-blues-cabaret etc, etc great times.

Made lots of demo tapes and a few records. Toured UK & Europe -Got wasted/excessive sex drugs and rock&roll - Was part of the NWOBHM up and coming playing on the same bills as Def Leppard and Saxon Iron Maiden, as it was then. Ahh great days!
Anyway settled down and gave up the crazy life when it finally sank in and I realised I probably would not wake up one day!
I came back to the passion of my life after 30 or so years when my wife got me a set of Roland electronics🙏😎

Played along to iTunes in the bedroom And then I discovered virtual heaven on the loops.
I am in awe of the scale of musicality and talent here, love to jam on any kind of music if you want some drums playing and can put up with my limited amateur playing & sound please just let me know I promise I will give it a very genuine go
Hope to jam with everyone I can Cheers
Thought I should define Lemmings:
1) A lemming is a small rodent usually found in or near the Arctic in tundra biomes. Lemmings are subnivean animals. See Wikipedia
2) my pet term for the squeaks, clicks and noises that mysteriously appear as you layer and add to tracks


Drums, Percussion, backingvocals

recording devices

Roland V Drums
Audacity v2.0.6
Old interface only1 input straight to PC
I cannot mix the individual drum
so very difficult to get proper recording quality
Maybe a great sound engineer here can give me a few tips (like invest in a real kit of midi enabled lol)


June 1 1960

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