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  1. March 18 2018
    BossaNova jam feat. remix by ROBJOL on acoustic Guitar Track # 132821
    Bossa greene
  2. March 18 2018
    Folk jam feat. remix by ROBJOL on acoustic Guitar Track # 132798
    Comme un simple voyou
  3. March 17 2018
    BossaNova jam feat. remix by ROBJOL on acoustic Guitar Track # 132716
    Este verano caliente

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I played and sang professionnaly in the 70's but life took me in another direction.
After almost 40 years, I touched my old classical guitar and started to play.
Then I discovered wikiloops and since that time I have the privilege to play with very fine musicians.


I play guitar and compose music and songs.
I have many guitars: Aria classical guitar (46 years of age)
Godin multiac SA nylon classical guitar with GR-55 synth and Godin acoustic solutions 150 watts ampli
Pellerin acoustic guitar hand made by the luthier Michel Pellerin
Martin GPCPA3 acoustic guitar
Fender Stratocaster with fender lamp ampli
And other guitars ...
Keyboard Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-640

recording devices

Macbook pro with Logic Pro
Yamaha MG-206C mixing console
Many microphones for instruments
Rode studio microphone for voice

And many other technical gadgets I don't really how to use at their full potential


May 29 1951

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