• Love and Tenderness


  1. September 23 2018
    Blues jam feat. remix by ROBJOL on acoustic Guitar Track # 147277
    Promised Land
  2. September 23 2018
    Jazz jam feat. remix by ROBJOL on acoustic Guitar Track # 147275
    Le Blues Jazzy du Gars... !
  3. September 23 2018
    World jam feat. remix by ROBJOL on acoustic Guitar Track # 147267
    Tears on the Wind
    by deezee & ROBJOL

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Without doing music for so many years... I discovered wikiloops at the beginning of the site. I took my old classical guitar and joined the small group.

I went to Urft in 2015 for the annual meeting. It was awesome. I met fantastic people there.

Doing music with wikiloop musicians is now a way of life for me.


I play with my heart.
Mostly I play classical and acoustic guitars but sometimes I fiddle on the strat.

recording devices

Mixing console and logic pro for Mac.


May 29 1951

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slowchops from Germany

"brilliant idea, guys and gals keep on loopoing :)"

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