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TeeJazz - A Straight Circle - A Wikiloops Album by TeeGee
Baer, Dick, TeeGee & Friends


  1. May 30 2019
    Blues remix by Fishinmissio feat. TeeGee Track # 164415
    The Tofu TeeGee Dog Bone Blues
  2. March 16 2019
    Jazz jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 159898
    Endless TeeJazz in your face Kimbo
  3. November 16 2018
    Jazz jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 151123
    Trademark of Mr.Baer + Fish & Geeps
  4. September 14 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 146635
    Super Supper Soup Session
  5. June 10 2018
    HipHop remix by BuzzBomber feat. TeeGee Track # 139824
    shhh... don't tell the secret
  6. April 02 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Vocals & Sequencer Track # 134382
    11 - The time is right
    by TeeGee
  7. December 03 2017
    World jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 123275
    Walking on two dreamy chords
  8. November 17 2017
    Pop jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 121851
    Misplaced Loyalty
  9. November 12 2017
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 121470
    Ma Copine
  10. October 29 2017
    Dub jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 120087
    I'm Dizzy
  11. June 17 2017
    Jazz jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Mixer & Keys Track # 108844
    Fly (Dust in the wind)
  12. March 19 2017
    Funk jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 101194
    Poisonous trance funk jam
  13. January 03 2017
    Rock remix by JDF feat. TeeGee Track # 94489
    Gets Me Behind
  14. December 28 2016
    World remix by kimbo feat. TeeGee Track # 93959
    Haus Der Geschenke
  15. October 30 2016
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 88097
    If 6 was nine or maybe 3??
  16. August 12 2015
    Funk jam feat. remix by TeeGee on Guitar Track # 47296
    Whales in the ocean playing guitar


Hey guys, my name is TeeGee and I am a Wikiholic. Is there a better way to have fun with your instrument???

I love working on songs, wikiloops gives me the opportunity to do so, either in a band project or in the open forum.

Influences? I've listened all my life to guitarists such as Peter Green, Jimi, Zappa, Mike Bloomfield, Allman Brothers, Robert Cray, Muddy, Freddy King, BB King, Albert King, Robin Trower, Buckethead, Warren Haynes and others. Ah yes, and Link Wray, forgot to mention him smile.gif. Did I say Zappa yet? Ill say it again just in case: Zappa!


Guitar, started playing a looooooong time ago (1982) but haven't touched the guitar seriously for more than 20 years. But lately I got the Strat back out and adjusted, and here I am making noise again.

My guitar is a 1987 or 8 black and white USA Fender Stratocaster, all standard, which I bought brand new in 88.

I also got a a Telecaster clone which is used for slide

recording devices

I mainly record straight into the computer using a Vox tonleab ST effect or through a microphone standing in front of my 50w tube amp.


April 27 1965

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public Uploads: 382
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given thumbs: 8,930
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received Remixes: 366
total plays:318,899
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