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  1. February 09 2019
    Dub jam feat. remix by Tofzegrit on Guitar Track # 157373
    Duck n Cover n Dubber
  2. February 06 2019
    World jam feat. remix by Tofzegrit on Guitar Track # 157147
    Searching for the light
  3. February 02 2019
    World jam feat. remix by Tofzegrit on Guitar Track # 156875
    Multi Groove Energy Boost
  4. January 30 2019
    Funk remix by mpointon feat. Tofzegrit Track # 156620
    Too Late - Ice Groove Workout
    by Tofzegrit & mpointon
  5. January 28 2019
    Funk jam feat. remix by Tofzegrit on Mixer & Guitar Track # 156475
    Agent Carter
  6. November 27 2018
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by Tofzegrit on Mixer & Guitar Track # 151944
    Come Back Again


My name is Christophe

Most of the time I was playing alone and made original tracks instead of doing covers...
I had some Band experience and as I work at night, it was time for me to meet WIKILOOPS!
I'm not friend with technical practice or theory, that's my lack... My strenght is... Feeling.
I like many kind of music 🎶
Don't worry, here we dare and I discovered I could play everything

My musical life has changed thanks to this place and people here!


_ Ibanez Série S AND Serie S Prestige 2015
- Fender Stratocaster
- Hamer Steve Stevens
- Takamine Electro Acoustic
- Godin Artist Serie

- Logabass By Sanox 6 strings
- Logabass By Sanox 5 strings fretless
- Squier Jazz Bass

Effects: Vst Amplitube3 - Guitar Rig 3 & 5 - Line6 Hélix LT

Studio Space: Our Bedroom

recording devices

Cubase 5 with vst effects & instruments


March 20 1966

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cercle from Panama

"I don't visit the site very often, but each time I do my fingers hurt from jamming! Thanks and keep up the good work "

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