1. December 08 2019
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by YuuLi on Vocals Track # 177588
    He's Left The Clan
    by YuuLi
  2. November 18 2019
    World jam feat. remix by YuuLi on Vocals Track # 176257
  3. November 04 2019
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by YuuLi on Vocals Track # 175277

Contact Information


Hi there!

I'm here on WikiLoops mostly to meet other musicians all over the world, to experiment another way of creating and writing music - other than making lots of drafts alone in my room, without having the inspiration or energy to finish them...!

I would be delighted to find some long-term collabs with one or two persons, which could lead to co-writing several songs.

I have a project of concept album somewhere, with a funny story following the songs, but it's a big work in progress.

Main influences: Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Jeff Buckley, Grizzly Bear.


Vocals, Bass, Keyboard

recording devices

Vocals&Bass: Scarlett 2i2
Midi Keyboard: M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3
I would love to learn more about mixing and making sounds and ambiences in general, but I don't know where to start!


July 30 1995

User stats:

public Uploads: 4
Fans: (received thumbs)116
given thumbs: 27
written Comments: 8
Forum posts: 0
received Remixes: 8
total plays:2,603
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