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  1. December 18 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by Zapfool on Bass Track # 153506
    April Funk
  2. December 08 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by Zapfool on Bass Track # 152693
    Sunny day & pleasure for all of us
  3. November 13 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by Zapfool on Bass Track # 150943
    Echoes on either side
  4. November 04 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by Zapfool on Bass Track # 150254
    Thera Funketyunkety
  5. October 14 2018
    Funk jam feat. remix by Zapfool on Bass Track # 148747
    donĀ“t chicken out plus drums & Bass


I started playing bass at 18yo. Tried to get some theory at academy of music but was too academic for me :-)
So just learned by playing with people. Most often, I had the chance to play in bands were musicians were better than me.
That was the best school ever ! Now my life is well filled with children, full time job, ... so I built my small home studio and I put my two cents here and there. Wikiloops is definitely the best place for collaborate with virtual friends :-)
My musical culture is odd (thanks to my older brothers): Frank Zappa, Talking Heads, Nina Hagen, The nits, The doors, Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave, ...


Bass Ibanez BTB556 - 6str
Acoustic Bass Ibanez EWB 20 WNE - 5str
Lute-making bass 4str (based on Fender Precision)
Effects console Zoom B9.1ut

recording devices

Zoom R16
KRK rokit 5 g3
Samson S-Phone
Beyerdynamiec DT-150


June 22 1971

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