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  1. May 29 2020
    Rock jam feat. remix by btrasher on Guitar Track # 191188
    before i put my guitars away
    by btrasher
  2. May 27 2020
    World jam feat. remix by btrasher on Guitar, Bass & Sequencer Track # 191112
  3. May 26 2020
    Metal jam feat. remix by btrasher on Guitar Track # 191036
    acid unchained

Contact Information


My name is St├ęphane
I play guitar and a little bit of bass and drums.
I listen and be influenced by all types of music because everything can be good .i love to put my rock touch in every type of musicsmile.gif


Guitares: dean razorback,fender stratocaster,lag Roxanne,g&l asat tribute,gibson les paul,ibanez sa 08ltd,prs se paul's guitar,vision v10,jackson dinky,washburn a5,cort g100,vox sdc22.
basse: ibanez
batterie: roland
amplis: rivera et marshall
Electroacoustique: lag tramontane
Classique: granados

recording devices

pc ,focusrite, tonelab ,amplitube, ableton live


June 13 1980

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public Uploads: 52
Fans: (received thumbs)566
given thumbs: 1,170
written Comments: 1,112
Forum posts: 0
received Remixes: 34
total plays:9,384
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