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  1. September 21 2018
    Blues jam feat. remix by davidaustin on Guitar Track # 147109
    Resonating in Blue
    by frenzie & davidaustin
  2. September 21 2018
    Electronic jam feat. remix by davidaustin on Guitar Track # 147106
    Aurora Flash.
    by piper & davidaustin
  3. September 19 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by davidaustin on Keys, Mixer & Guitar Track # 146989
    Supping a Beer..
    by davidaustin

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play guitar for pleasure! record my own music, and like experimenting with alternate tuning. joining the loops has been the best musical experience for me, every jam session I listen to has a pro feeling about it, I hope to continue to learn from the musicians here on the loops who have been very encouraging. I have worked with wood for many many years so I made a few guitars for myself plus a right hander for anyone who wanted a jam.


guitars, fender strat, gibson les paul standard. line 6 HD 500x, Marshall EL34 head. to much stuff I don`t use... several other guitars...

recording devices

audacity, Garage band.


June 24 1956

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"Because there is very nice music made and to use for someone like me who wants to learn to play harmonica, and perhaps later with another can give to them to play and its own color here, and that a Belgian who inhabited in Hungary! like é."

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