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  1. March 19 2018
    Folk jam feat. remix by eGiL on Bass Track # 132996
    Beyond appearances
  2. March 11 2018
    Pop jam feat. remix by eGiL on Bass Track # 132259
    Hit me up Babe
  3. November 06 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by eGiL on Bass Track # 120870
    Don't You Know That?
    by nadrek & eGiL
  4. November 05 2017
    Funk jam feat. remix by eGiL on Bass Track # 120802
    Free Poppers for Everyone
  5. November 04 2017
    Jazz-Rock jam feat. remix by eGiL on Mixer Track # 120645
    Looking Through the Raindrops
  6. April 24 2017
    Blues jam feat. remix by eGiL on Bass Track # 104218
    Brutal Battle Scars
  7. April 14 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by eGiL on Mixer Track # 103360
    Gator-52 featuring Stef
  8. March 24 2017
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by eGiL on Mixer Track # 101654
    The Rise of the Pink Duckling
  9. March 12 2017
    Rock jam feat. remix by eGiL on Keys Track # 100541
    Limousine Psychedelic Mix

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Soon to hit the big ol' 40'ties (Past that now! Pfft). Bass has always been my main instrument and will forever be my main instrument. For the last year i have been playing rhythm guitar in a cover band which has improved my guitar skills significantly. Keyboard skills are limited, and are used mainly for adding midi instruments like trumpet to my jams. I like to hit the drums as well, and i can keep a steady beat, but nothing too fancy Grin

Influences....geeez where to begin Grin I like many different styles, and i will mention some of the bands that have inspired me:

Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Alison Kraus and the Union Station, Gomez, Royal Blood, Wolfmother, Euroboys, Deep Purple, Smash Mouth, Primus, Big Bang, Queens of the stone age, The White Stripes, The Raconteurs....

I could probably list 100 more bands here, but you get the idea of some of my inspirations smile.gif

I am looking for other people with similar interests for some fun online music projects! smile.gif

BTW! I will mostly do quick jam'a'longs, as in one take - no regrets Wink But i'm also open for doing more serious stuff if people are up for it! smile.gif


Bass: Mensinger Cazpar 6 short scale hollow body - GK3B equipped, Squier Bass VI, BassLab 6 string custom bass

Guitars: Squier Showmaster Rally 2003

Keys: M-Audio keystation & a mini AKAI midi keyboard

Stuff: Ampeg SCR-DI preamp, Roland V-Bass Module, Peavy UniVerb rack

Audio Interface: Steinberg UR-22 MKI

recording devices

Steinberg UR-22 and Sonar (DAW)


September 22 1977

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