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I'm an old and retired chordbanger...meaning that I knew the barr chords and open chords and played at playing, but didn't know much...
Last October I bought a 3/4 size Yamaha guitar at the street market in Tijuana and took it home....went online...searched for "what do you need to know first to play lead guitar"...Pentatonic scales! I remember looking at all of the dots on the screen and thinking, "No wonder no one knows how to play the guitar! I'll NEVER learn this stuff!"
Well, I broke it down and learned the A minor pentatonic positions in the following order 1 - rooted at A on the 6th string. 5-below the 1 then on up the neck.
Well, here I am a few short months out and I can play along in keys with the music I love, Bobby Caldwell, Enrique Eglasias, Romeo Santos.
I know scales and am working on arpeggios, but I don't have any songs or many riffs. I can find the key of all songs and figure out how to play along mostly, but I need a mentor to help me learn how to get better. There's not many musicians around here I don't think. I'm going to try and volunteer at the local school to offer to teach the kids what I've taught myself up to now....
Just thought I'd say hello......




February 8 1951

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