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  1. December 07 2019
    Classical jam feat. remix by jamlady on Keys Track # 177524
    Konzert for Guitar"Sol de españa"
    by ROBJOL & jamlady
  2. August 23 2019
    Blues jam feat. remix by jamlady on Guitar Track # 170067
    Flying In Cars
  3. August 08 2019
    Unplugged jam feat. remix by jamlady on Cello Track # 169007
    painful tears
  4. June 23 2019
    Classical jam feat. remix by jamlady on Cello Track # 166028
    Romeo & Julia
    by Liesching & jamlady
  5. June 04 2019
    Electronic jam feat. remix by jamlady on Bass Track # 164674
  6. February 05 2019
    Classical jam feat. remix by jamlady on Cello Track # 157020
    by Liesching & jamlady
  7. February 03 2019
    Classical jam feat. remix by jamlady on Cello Track # 156931
    by Liesching & jamlady
  8. February 02 2019
    Classical jam feat. remix by jamlady on Cello Track # 156845
    Thinking of you
    by ROBJOL & jamlady


Hallo, bin seit 30 Jahren Musiker (Komponistin-Filmmusik, symphonische Werke,populäre Musik)
Schlagzeugausbildung kleine Trommel (Orchesterspiel) Drumset und Pauke.
Dirigentin (Kammerorchester und Posaunenchor)

Ich habe nur Orchestererfahrung, keine Banderfahrung.
Deswegen ist Wikiloops ein Segen für mich,um meine andere Leidenschaft aller Musikstile auszuleben.

I have only orchestral experience, no band experience.
Therefore wikiloops is a blessing for me to live out my other passion of all musical styles

10 Jahre Konzertchor Duisburg: Duisburger Philharmoniker: (Alt-Stimme)

viele, viele Konzerte in Original-Sprache gesungen

Bin offen für alle Musikstile außer Heavy Metal.

Meine Musikinstrumente:
Drum: Sonor Phonic Plus and e-drum
Keyboard: Yamaha
Violoncello (Modell-Stradivari- ca. 80 Jahre alt)

Film: Sounds of fear (2004)

Film: The human factor (2002)


Drum, Violoncello, Keyboard,E-Bass


July 12 1959

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public Uploads: 1,349
Fans: (received thumbs)14,434
given thumbs: 10,343
written Comments: 10,040
Forum posts: 6
received Remixes: 1,102
total plays:1,375,113
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