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  1. November 26 2018
    Classical jam feat. remix by mandolodda on Percussion Track # 151896
  2. November 23 2018
    Rock jam feat. remix by mandolodda on Bass Track # 151638
    Not To Work
    by Fabricio L & mandolodda
  3. November 11 2018
    World jam feat. remix by mandolodda on Bouzouki Track # 150804
    Experiment in A Major
    by adu & mandolodda


Mandoline, Bouzouki und neuerdings auch Bass

recording devices

Compaq EVO N610C, ein Marantz Mikrofon von einer alten Vidiokonferenzanlage und Kristal als Aufnahmesoftware

Update: the Compaq EVO N610C retired after 10 years of work, to old.
Now it is a newer Dell Inspirion. For the bass I use a Warwick BC20 and for recording a Zoom H1, witch work fine for me. The soundcard is a Roland Duo Capture.


August 20 1960

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