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moonchilds showcase

  1. November 06 2016HipHop jam feat. moonchild on vocalsTrack # 88721

    Dare to Love

  2. May 03 2016Jazz jam feat. moonchild on vocalsTrack # 71863

    Flickering Flame

    hurzelmoonchildby hurzel & moonchild
  3. April 30 2016Unplugged jam feat. moonchild on vocalsTrack # 71584


    OliVBeemoonchildby OliVBee & moonchild
  4. April 28 2016Jazz-Rock jam feat. moonchild on vocalsTrack # 71439

    Don't Get Left in the Dust!

  5. April 15 2016Unplugged jam feat. moonchild on vocalsTrack # 70226

    Something Not to Be Understood

    OliVBeemoonchildby OliVBee & moonchild
  6. April 10 2016Jazz jam feat. moonchild on vocalsTrack # 69752

    Having fun :)

    OliVBeemoonchildby OliVBee & moonchild

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I feel so much gratitude toward this site and all of the participants! What a beautiful opportunity to collaborate globally, to meet friends and share the love of sharing music.

I love to sing! I also love listening, composing and dancing to music Grin Live music is special to me, especially open mics with up-and-coming artists. There are many teachers who are responsible for my growth as a musician today, thank you to them... Also, thank you to all the music that has inspired me and continues to inspire me up until this point.

Check out my music, if you will, and let me know if ya wanna jam! <3
I sing and probably for several lifetimes now. I play keyboard but not very much anymore... Sometimes out of necessity. If I had a drumset, you'd never hear from me again, I'd just be makin beetz all day... So maybe it's a good thing that I don't have one right now HAHA. Okay, I also have a vibraphone that I haven't played in several months because I have a love hate relationship with it and it's difficult to transport in a town where no one really knows what the hell it is anyway. Still a stunning instrument, of course <3 I think that's it! For now, anyway.
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Samson G Track in ~my studio~ which would be my bedroom but MUSIC so I sleep on the couch in the living room xD

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